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Interior Painting

The colors of your home should reflect the qualities and personalities of the people living it. Let the wall speak for you. A good ambiance always adds to the happy faces in there.

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Exterior Painting

The first impression is the last impression- keeping this thought in mind we provide you with the best designs and exterior painting services in Jaipur and Alwar.

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Wall Texture Painting

Changing trends in home décor, wall texture painting is something which is in high demand. Looking at this growing trend and high demand, we at Jaipur putai wala

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Commercial Painting

While we add colors to your homes, we also excel at adding a pop to the industrial spaces as well. Our clients have been giving us a mix of the assignment, and so at Jaipur putai wala,

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Wood Painting and Polish

As important as it is to paint the wood, it is equally necessary to get it polished. These 2 processes work simultaneously, and so it is important to make sure that

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False Ceiling

In the process of modernizing your space, the best and the most creative option that pops out is the idea of false ceiling. This is a method of creating a dropped ceiling hung below the actual of the room.

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About - Jaipur Putai Wala

No1 Paint and False Ceiling Contractor

The only place you would lay down after long tiring work is your Home. No matter where you go, there is no place like home. So why not to give your living space and this functional asset the best paint services? We at Jaipur Putai Wala brings you with the best living experience while creating the aesthetic you want. We are a painting-based company based out of Pink city of the country- Jaipur! While we believe that every home deserves to be the best it can be, we also bring you the best of home painting services in Jaipur.

Why Jaipur Putai Wala is Best Paint and False Ceiling Company in Jaipur

With Jaipur putai wala, you’ll be under the guidance of professional and best painters in Jaipur. Not only this, we work on giving your home a unique look with the design and customization you want to for your beautiful space. We are just a call away solution to all your home, office, flat or building paint needs. Also, we provide you with a free estimate by visiting your property from the best wall paint contractors in Jaipur. You do not have to worry about the free service provided from our end. We get the best for your home. Redefining every part of your living space, our home painter in Jaipur are well known to bring life to every inch of your home.

We are providing the colour choosing ideas according to space from last 12 years. Along with home, we also deal with recreating and bringing life to other workspaces as well, which includes offices, schools, and gym. The only reason that our painting services are the best and better than the others in the market lies in the fact that we firmly believe in our core values. From valuing integrity to pursuing excellence and to value communication, our core values have been the reasons that the customers build so much trust on our professional wall painters in Jaipur. Spreading the empire in Jaipur, we desire to serve every part of the country with the unique painters in Jaipur.

Jaipur putai wala is not just a brand or advertising company but is the famous painter in Jaipur, who has put your idea to the actual living scenario. While on your part, it is your responsibility to outline your needs and requirements, its is our house painters in Jaipur doing the things they are best at adding that definition to your space. We are not limited to just painting, but we also extend it to other amenities like putty and false ceiling, wallpaper design and wood polishing and painting. The work we do is a contract-based facility and unlike other companies, we only charge you for the work we do. , as we believe in the best customer service relationship. Adding to every stated thing, our work is speaking more for the type of work and kind of solutions we facilitate our customers with. We work in a 3-step manner. First, we measure it up. The free estimate provided by us is done by visiting the place you ask us to visit. We then quote the pricings as per space and any additional requirement you ask for. Second, the painting contractors assist you with the selection of your colors and adding life to your thoughts and ideas. Lastly, when everything is finalized, the work to get your dream space begins. This way, we also get to know more from our customers what are their expectations from us and how can we improve because no matter what, feedback matters. This relationship has helped us grow ever since and be the best among the competitors. While this city is famous for its authentic art, we are every day in the process of setting a benchmark and get the best with our customer services. Give this panting contractor work a chance and get the best experience of adding colors to your space and life.

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