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In the process of modernizing your space, the best and the most creative option that pop out is the idea of false ceiling. This is a method of creating a dropped ceiling hung below the actual of the room. But this task requires a team of false ceiling experts. Jaipur Putai Wala brings you the most authentic and customized designs to add to the beauty of your room. These false ceiling not only adds to the aesthetics of the room but also is a great initiative considering the environmental factors. It also acts as thermal insulators and light reflectors for the natural light.

While you are looking forward to the best false ceiling contractor, we are here at Jaipur putai wala creating it for you. With the team of the best false ceiling experts in Jaipur, choosing our team is the best decision you’ll ever make. With many successful projects across Jaipur and Alwar, our work is the voice for us. All the happy and satisfied clients are the assurance that you’ve chosen the best and invested your money at a team of trained professionals.

The cost of this complete process entirely depends on the design of false ceiling and the material you select. You can also reach out to us for a free estimate so that our team of ceiling experts can visit and quote you with the best price in the market. Apart from aesthetic and environmental factors, the acoustic it provides with is really pleasing and soothing. So what are you waiting for now? Rediscover your space with Jaipur putai wala and add the definition to the room with the best in market.

Types of false ceilings-

POP False Ceiling

This false ceiling is made and done using plaster of Paris powder mixed with water. POP can be molded into any shape while being in the liquid state and it eventually dries and harden up. For the purpose of the false ceiling, this paste is laid over a mesh giving it a mechanical strength, which is then attached to a metal frame. Though this method is stiff and durable, it takes up a lot of time and resources to get through the complete process. Also, the adhesion property of this material allows the paint to be absorbed and stays for a longer time.

PVC False Ceiling

Though this is not the conventional choice of people, it is still gaining popularity as people get to know about it. In this method, polyvinyl chloride is the material sheets used to create that drop ceiling. This material comes with a variety of designs and texture which includes wallpaper, stone or wood pattern, and many more. Since it does not involve the use of actual wood, this type of ceiling is termite-proof, waterproof, and non-absorbent. This easy to maintain type of false ceiling also saves up on regular cleaning with a durable and hygienic surface. This type of PVC false ceiling or PVC Paneling is affordable and having the fast installtion as compare to POP one.

T-Grid False Ceiling

It has gained popularity really fast due to its standard system of installation. T-grid false ceiling is made up of grids arranged in an interlocked system of alphabet T. The product uses galvanized steel which prevents it from rusting thereby giving a long and durable life.th locking system is again an added advantage for some quick mounting and demounting of the complete frame, also, the tiles associated can be of any shape and thickness depending upon your budget and requirement. The frame is stitched in a rotatory fashion to add to its strength and durability. This kind of T Grid false ceilings are used mostly in commercial spaces.

Gypsum Board False Ceiling

These false ceilings come in a ready to install form. The adjustments are made according to the size of the ceiling. Gypsum boards are prefabricated material. Make sure that you need to go with this on longer run so invest in a rust-proof metal frame. This is very popular since it is quick method with the least amount of dust produced. Also gypsum boards are easy to work with, and the quality of the board remains same and good if chosen wisely. The consistency of the product is maintained throughout since it is manufactured and measured properly.

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