Wood Painting and Polish

As important as it is to paint the wood, it is equally necessary to get it polished. These 2 processes work simultaneously, and so it is important to make sure that your wooden article is taken care of. Jaipur putai wala also have a team of wood polish contractors with expertise and experience. All you need to do is call us, and we will send you the best wood furniture painters. This process of wooden care involves painting or the wooden article to protect it from insects and polishing provides it a smooth texture and acts as a protective layer. We provide you with a variety of wooden polish services which includes melamine based polish, vanish polish, spirit and French polish.

Since we provide you with the best in the market, it is afterward your responsibility to take care of the wooden article. You can anytime call us for our timely services. The style and color of the paint can be chosen by you depending on the aesthetic of the space and the décor of room. The different types of wooden paints provided by us include strait polish, color polish, PU polish, lekar polish, polycoat polish, and melamine polish. For any kind of service required, you can contact our team of wood painters, and we will visit the space with a portfolio comprising of the detailed information regarding every product. While you decide to choose us for your needs, we are improving every day with our wooden polish services and expanding the sphere of work.

This process of painting and polishing is done in 2 steps. Firstly, sanding will be done. It is important to sand the surface to remove the dirt or any existing glossy layer over the wood. This is a kind of cleaning process of the wood. Usually, we use 180 grit sandpaper but eventually move to 320 to 400 grit depending upon the type and requirement of wood. Secondly, the sanded wood is painted and put to polish to give it a smooth texture and finished look. With our furniture polish and paint services, you renovate and recreate your space, your way.

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